Therapy To help you through emotional "stuckness"

Working together to reconnect you with yourself

My Specialties

Supporting Women Through Emotional "Stuckness"

For creative, motivated, emotionally intelligent women, it may feel alarming to notice you don’t seem like yourself - to feel disconnected or unnaturally negative. I have a special interest in working with ambitious women, in their late 20’s to early 30’s, who currently feel unaligned with themselves. Together, we can help you β€œget back” to how you want to be. To feel balanced, happy and navigating life from a place of stability and self-assuredness.

Helping Young Professionals Make Sense Of It All

Growing up in the so-called β€œmillennial” generation is confusing and ever-changing. It’s not the same world that our parents grew up in and this flux can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. But, it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. I can help you learn how to navigate your unique challenges in today’s world.

Making Meaning Of Multi-Cultural Upbringings

Being raised between cultures (e.g. moving to a new country at a very young age, having immigrant parents) can give you the sense of not quite belonging to any one place. It can result in lowered self-esteem, anxiety and, quite literally, identity crises. Let me help you explore these experiences and grow your sense of self and belonging.

About Me

Hello! Β Χ©ΧœΧ•Χ! Β My name is Nitsan (M.S., MFT) and I’m a therapist in Tel Aviv. Born in Israel, yet raised in Las Vegas, I approachΒ therapy with a unique, multicultural view on life, its challenges and how to cope with all it brings.





You schedule a phone consultation so we can see what’s going on for you, ask questions and see if we’re a good fit.



We make our first appointment. My sessions are 50 minutes and occur once a week . Some people may come for as little as 3-5 sessions, while most people feel significant benefits after 8-12 sessions.



In our sessions, we build a relationship with one another. I ask some questions. You tell me what you’re feeling and what you want to change. Together, we work through your fear, anxiety, pain, sadness to achieve your goals, regain control, and make way for healing and hope.



We meet until you start to feel better. Then maybe we see each other less, or stop altogether.



If life ever feels hard again, you call me.

CONNECT today.

Sign up for a free 20-minute phone consultation. During the call I’ll help you think about whether therapy is right for you. We’ll talk about what you’re struggling with and looking for support in. I’ll answer your questions and ask some of my own. Together we’ll help you figure out your next steps.Β 

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