A Case For The Morning Ritual

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GOOD MORNING, ANGEL(S) Let’s talk morning rituals. More so, why the presence of one can add such a value to your day. I’m going to assume that many here don’t have a morning routine that sets you up for the best possible day ever (potentially exaggerated, but also true). It’s more likely that there’s a … Read more

How To Reconnect With Yourself
When You Feel Emotionally Stuck

Therapy for stress, anxiety towards positive life.

WHO IS THIS PERSON? You know that feeling where you just. don’t. feel. like. yourself anymore? Like the β€œyou” who’s typically bright, driven, creative and energized all of a sudden feels dimmer, stressed, exhausted and irritable. You’re used to feeling pleased with your sense of humor, emotional intelligence and motivation but now you’re experiencing pretty … Read more

Why Mini Gratitude Moments Are Kind Of A Big Deal

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You, now. Noticed yourself feeling unnaturally bitter, negative and temperamental recently? Maybe you’ve just been going through your days feeling totally β€œmeh”. Or perhaps it’s a combination of the two: negative, bitter blah-ness. Whichever unique combo you’re currently calling your own, I imagine it’s not super fun for you. Especially if this feels unlike yourself … Read more